Thursday, November 1, 2012

A New Low

No longer content with graphic undercover videos of livestock production, the Humane Society of the United States has produced a Disney-style animated feature designed to turn kids against modern hog farming.

A Pig’s Tail, a five-minute film now available on the HSUS Website, comes complete with a four-page lesson plan for teachers and depictions of tail docking and electric prod use for the kids.

The film portrays a modern hog barn as dark, dank and smelly, with endless rows of squealing and grunting pigs trapped in gestation stalls. The preferred alternative, the mythical “old farm,” is bright, sunny, spacious and green, with picturesque barns and occasional wooden fences. The pigs rival Bambi for cuteness. 

Clearly proud of its ingenuity, the radical animal rights group boasts that it has “teamed up with Academy Award-winning Aardman Studios to create … a short but compelling animated film about a pig’s perspective of factory farming.” It adds: “The film gives a taste of how animals are treated on factory farms—and how we can help by choosing more humane alternatives.”

The film was pumped out just in time for Food Day October 24, the left’s nationwide propaganda vehicle for turning back the clock on modern agriculture. 

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