Friday, March 30, 2012

'EPA Overreach Protection Act'

Nearly one-third of the Senate Wednesday introduced legislation to head off what many see as a attempt by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency to greatly expand waters under the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act. The CWA bars discharging pollutants into “navigable” U.S. waters without a permit.

“President Obama’s EPA continues to act as if it is above the law,” said Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyo., a bill sponsor and frequent EPA critic. “It is using this overreaching guidance to pre-empt state and local governments, farmers and ranchers, small business owners and homeowners from making local land and water use decisions.

“Our bill will stop this unprecedented Washington power grab and restore Americans’ property rights,” Barrasso added. “It’s time to get EPA lawyers out of Americans’ backyards.”

EPA maintains that the about-to-be-issued guidance does not expand protection to any waters not already covered under the CWA and that traditional exemptions for agriculture will remain in effect.

HOTH -- and 30 U.S. senators -- is skeptical.

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