Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HSUS Pushes Initiatives On Raising Animals

The Humane Society of the United States -- which doesn't operate one animal shelter and contributes only 1/2 of 1 percent of its funds to such shelters -- apparently has collected enough voter signatures in Missouri to get an initiative on this November's ballot to tell the state's dog breeders how many dogs they can breed and how to care for them. The livestock and poultry industries in that state are worried they're next on HSUS's target list.

In fact, HSUS is now trying to tell farmers in Ohio how to raise their animals. The organization, according to Feedstuffs magazine, has run into some trouble collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would direct the less-than-1-year-old Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to prohibit the use of sow stalls and veal crates and to adopt housing standards for laying hens.

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  1. The HSUS operates a HUGE animal sanctuary in Texas (Black Beauty Farm)
    Of course, no one org can help all shelters so how would they distribute their support evenly or across the board? They may not be big in the "hands on" sheltering/support dept but no one can deny that they DO in fact do some real good for the cause, not just for the animals but for World Food Safety too! I.E.; The Hallmark / Westmoreland Ca. case is but just one good example...I am no big fan of HSUS or PETA but they are needed for the good that they do do...(PR)Getting the word out is their job.

  2. Sanctuary? Baloney. More than a few scammers live large off acquiring and maintaining … empty shells of animals defining the genetically dead animals as being housed in a "sanctuary." Sanctuaries are total propaganda and just another step in HSUS eradication of pet and farm animals. It is 100% out to destroy all domestic animals and the 10,000 years people have put into domestication of animals. I see ZERO good HSUS does for animals or people--only harm.